Are you thinking about getting some new window coverings for your home in Richmond Hill? Custom curtains and other drapery from Curtains Drapes Toronto Drapery offer you some fantastic options.

We make our custom curtains and other drapery using materials that are both beautiful and durable. Best of all, we do this at a price that just about all homeowners can afford. We make it our mission to provide the finest drapery to as many people as possible, including many of those who otherwise could not afford to have such elegance in their homes.

To help you decide which custom curtains or other drapery would be best for you, we offer a free in-home consultation with our experts. This consultation comes without any obligation to you. That is part of our commitment to ensuring that all of our customers get exactly what they want, even if it turns out that it comes from one of our competitors.

During the consultation, our experts will look at your home décor to determine which window coverings would look best with it. They will take into account such things as your furnishings, the paint colors, the windows, and the lighting so that they can give you the best advice possible. When they are finished, they will provide you with some recommendations.

Of course, our recommendations are just that. After all, you will be the one living in the home! If you would prefer something other than what we suggest, simply let us know where the suggestions we make differ from your tastes and we will be more than happy to offer you some options that would be better suited for you and your home.
Call us today to take the first step toward getting new custom curtains or other drapery for your home in Richmond Hill.