As anyone who has ever had their drapery Aurora or other window treatments replaced by a professional designer can tell you, the difference this can make in the appearance of your home can be breathtaking. If you haven’t experienced this difference first hand it can seem as if we are exaggerating the effect such a simple accessory can have on the appearance of your home, but it is the truth. By choosing the proper readymade window dressing or custom drapery in Aurora to accentuate not only the interior design style of your room but also to compliment the architectural aspects of it, you can drastically change the room’s appearance Drapery Aurora. For example, by framing your windows with full length draperies that reach all the way to floor beneath a ceiling painted in a glossy paint, you can create an optical illusion which will make a small room appear to have higher ceilings and contain more space that it actually does. This can be a particularly useful technique in smaller homes which lack an open floor plan and can quickly start feeling cramped when you have family or friends over for a holiday or other special occasion. When you come to our store, call us on the phone or use our online contact form we will set you up with one of our experienced, friendly and professional design consultants who will walk you through every step of the design and installation process to find the perfect drapery in Aurora to compliment your home’s design as well as your personal style. We are proud to feel confident enough to say that we can provide you with the ideal window treatments for your home no matter what your budget or stylistic preferences may be. Stop by or contact us today to learn more about our unbeatable selection of window treatments and get started on the road to turning your house into your dream home. View Larger Map