In addition to the draperies and other window treatments which we have built our business around for the past 40 years, we have always tried to expand our business into a one-stop source for all of your interior design need whenever the opportunity has arisen. One of the first major steps we were able to take in this direction was actually a side effect of our efforts to keep our costs as low as possible and continue to provide our customers with the best possible draperies at low prices. At the time we had no idea that we would end up having such a major impact on the business of upholstery Toronto.

Upholstery Toronto

We decided to start importing our own fabrics directly from the producers around the world in order to reduce costs by removing all of the steps which normally exist in the middle. By doing this, we could acquire our fabrics at substantially lower prices and pass that savings directly onto the customers who were purchasing our readymade and custom drapes. Soon after establishing these direct supply lines, we realized that in addition to using these fabrics as the basis for our draperies, we could provide significant discounts to our customers who needed to purchase fabric by the yard to support their interest in crafts and other hobbies such as upholstery in Toronto.

By providing an ever changing array of fabrics to our customers at prices which often approach 50{9e4748bcfa9813b6010409a823830217bcacd80f05abccb69987a4a8e8efe656} lower than retail, we had stumbled across a great addition to our business which benefits everyone involved. Additionally, it provided another aspect to our goal of becoming Ontario’s premiere source for everything related to interior design service and products as there is no denying that upholstery in Toronto is one of the most important aspects of the business. Stop by the store today to see what fabrics we currently have on the roll and to talk to one of our design consultants about designing the perfect interior for you home.