At Curtains Drapes Toronto, our process consists of three easy steps for you to follow in order to make an appointment to choose the perfect set of drapes for your home in the Toronto area! By following these quick and easy steps, you’ll be three steps closer to purchasing the perfect custom made drapes! Once your appointment is set, our team members at Curtains Drapes Toronto will come to your home at no cost to you, and evaluate your home’s décor needs. After a consultation and advising you on all the perfect options for your home, you’ll be on the road to finding your perfect set of drapes!

Our process takes three, quick and easy steps. The first of our process is to contact one of our design experts for a free appointment. You can reach Curtains Drapes Toronto at 1-855-840-5983, and set up an appointment.

The next step of our process is our customer service agent will assign a time to come and visit your home at a convenient date and time for you, no charge to you. With a suitable time and date set, they will come out and assess your home’s décor needs. With one of our style experts, you will find that their advice is helpful to making your home stand out in style and décor!

And lastly, one of our style agents will come to your home with samples of fabrics that best suit your home’s style. They will take measurements, show you the fabric samples, and give you a no-charge estimate for your new drapes, blinds, or shutters.

At Curtains Drapes Toronto, we’re dedicated to serving you the best drapes possible, and at the lowest possible prices. Our products are all quality made, and our prices are absolutely unbeatable! With our process, excellent customer service, professional advice, and superb prices, you can’t go wrong with one of Curtains Drapes Toronto, blinds, or shutters!