When you’re ready to make a significant improvement to your home in Newmarket, ON, our blinds and shutters are a fantastic option for both aesthetics and functionality.

Blinds and shutters are all too often ignored even though they are essential parts of every home.  Managing the amount of exterior light that comes into your home is extremely important not only in terms of how well you can see, but also in terms of money.  You need window coverings that can heavily restrict the amount of light that comes into your home while also being able to change quickly to permit a lot more light in without you having to struggle with them.  This isn’t just a matter of ambiance, but a matter of money since air conditioning and light bills can be costly.

While your blinds and shutters must be perfectly functional, they are also important parts of your home décor.  Both types of pieces are visible both inside and out, yet many people are of the opinion that they often have to accept only functionality or beauty, compromising on the other.  With our window coverings, that’s simply not the case.  Due to the wide variety of styles and materials that we use, we can provide you with window coverings that are pleasing to your eye while also being easy to use and fully functional.

Getting new blinds and shutters for your home in Newmarket, ON has never been easier than it is now with our superb staff at Curtains Drapes Toronto.  When you contact us, we’ll schedule an appointment to have one of our experts pay you a visit in your home.  Based on the currently look and feel of your home and your personal preferences, we will make recommendations on which blinds and shutters would work best in your home.