Improving your home in Oshawa, ON with new blinds and shutters has never been easier thanks to the expert team at Curtains Drapes Toronto.  Staffed with experts in the industry, we are ready to match everyone who comes to us with window coverings that work extremely well, are pleasing to the eye, and that meet whatever budget the customer happens to be on.

Customer service is our specialty, and we are committed to providing every one of our potential customers with the most professional service they will ever experience.  Our relationship starts with the scheduling of a free in-home assessment from one of our specialists, which we will schedule at a time that’s convenient for you.  At that time, our expert will have a look at the sections of your home for which you are interested in purchasing new blinds and shutters and have a conversation with you about your personal preferences.

With that information, we take care of sorting through the wide variety of choices that we have for you and offer you a selection of only those that will meet your needs based on your home and what you have told us.  In the unlikely event that you are unsatisfied with any of those choices, we would be happy to provide you with additional options.  The truth, though, is that most of our customers find the narrowing down process that we do for them quite helpful, and the vast majority find the blinds and shutters that they would like in the first group that we provide to them after the meeting.

If you are ready to give your home in Oshawa, On a new look with blinds and shutters from Curtains Drapes Toronto, give us a call today to set up your initial consultation.  We look forward to helping you make your home look its best.