When it’s time to improve the appearance of your home in York Region, Toronto, ON, blinds and shutters on offer from Curtains Drapes Toronto are the way to go.

We have an abundant array of window coverings that ensure that even the most demanding of customers can find new blinds and shutters that are perfect for their home.  That may sound daunting, and it is for those who don’t specialize in window coverings the way that we do.  That’s okay, because we have made the process of being new ones easier than ever.

We offer each of our potential customers the chance to get a free in-home consultation and a free quote on the products of their choice.  During the consultation, which we will schedule at a time that is fits neatly into your schedule, one of our experts will gather important information about your home and your preferences.  He will ask you questions about things like your color and design preferences as well as more general questions, such as the type of impression that you want your blinds and shutters to make for your guests.  He will also have the chance to see where your new window coverings will be used, which is important since not all of our items are appropriate for all decors.

Based on this information, your choices will be narrowed down.  You won’t have to look through dozens of options, most of which don’t meet the criteria that you set out and/or the room(s) for which you are purchasing the blinds and shutters.  Instead, you will see only those that would work best for you and your home.  In the unlikely event that you are one of our few customers who doesn’t get exactly what they’re looking for from this set of choices, just let us know what should be different and we will offer you some more.

If you are ready to make your home in York Region, Toronto, ON look and feel the way you want it to, call us today to set up your consultation.