Using Draperies for Climate Control


We can’t even begin to count the number of customers who have dismissed the idea of custom drapery in Toronto as nothing more than ‘decoration’. This is an unfortunate belief that has managed to spread far and wide no matter how hard we try to dispel it in our store, so now we’re taking it to the internet Using Draperies for Climate Control.

First, we should probably point out that in many cases these people are actually right. When you see a home with thin, gauzy draperies which barely block any light from coming through, those are most certainly designed for nothing more than decoration. This post isn’t intended to put down that style of custom drapery in Toronto, to the contrary actually as this sort of window treatment makes up a significant portion of our business and Check out The Gout Code. We merely want to set the record straight with our more thrifty consumers who believe that all of our draperies are of this variety and therefore not worth the money.

Your windows, particularly if they are leaky from being old or simply worn out, are one of the areas in your home where you’re going to experience a high percentage of your energy inefficiency. This is a simple fact of life even with the newest, most high tech windows because as sunlight enters your home, it transfers its heat energy to whatever it touches and then into the air of your room. This can be quite beneficial in the winter months, but during the summer it is simply one more heat source that your AC is now fighting to overcome. By installing heavy, but still stylish, custom draperies in Toronto, you can actually minimize this effect through the closing of the window treatments during the hottest hours of the day.

The opposite is true in the winter; the warm air in your home comes in contact with the glass of your windows and naturally transfers through it to be wasted in an attempt to warm up the outdoors. Having your draperies on the south and east facing windows (which get the most sunlight) open during the day and closing them all at night will help your furnace work less to keep your home and family comfortable.

So, what do you think ?